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Transportation Planning is a comprehensive process that involves evaluation, assessment and design of transportation facilities including streets, highways, bicycle lanes, and public transport infrastructure. Transportation Planning Practice is defined as improving coordination between land uses and transportation system planning; providing cooperative interaction between planning, design, and operation of transportation services; maintaining a balance between transportation-related energy use, clean air and water, and encouraging alternative modes of transportation that will enhance efficiency while providing high levels of mobility and safety to the Public.The purpose of a transportation planning study, therefore, is to develop recommended plans for future transportation improvements and or projects based on analysis of critical technical and environmental issues. One important aspect of transportation planning study is to determine how much room is needed for roadways and public transportation infrastructure, so that the required lands can be preserved for future use.

EASL Transportation Consultants, Inc.’s team of professionals are experienced in implementing the state-of-the-art evaluation methodologies and modeling techniques for solving common transportation planning problems. Our experience in preparing transportation planning studies enables us to determine the most appropriate types of data required, collection methods and data formats to support each specific planning study. Our firm brings together complex analysis, findings and decision making to successfully prepare transportation plans for regions, cities, corridors and sub-areas. For example, we undertake planning studies for municipalities to facilitate better transportation decisions, sounding policies, plans and strategies for planning horizons.

The following factors and or approaches are considered in our transportation planning studies:

•  Having a comprehensive transportation plan to guide the long term growth
•  The scalability of transportation plans and a scope that fits the problem at hand
•  The roles and responsibilities of those involved in transportation planning process,and
•  Transportation planning techniques, data needs and data management

The types of Transportation Planning Studies that EASL Transportation Consultants, Inc. performs include:
•  Corridor Study - This type of studies are usually performed 10 to 30 years in advance of construction or project implementation to identify how much transportation and or roadway improvements is needed, including building the new roads or upgrading the existing transportation infrastructure/or roadways.
•  Network Study and Long Range Planning - This type of studies are completed to determine general placement and classification for roadways within a planning area.
•  Functional Planning Study - Functional planning studies develop concepts that outline long-term requirements for the ultimate design of transportation network or roadway within a specified study area. These studies usually involve both municipalities and provincial governments.

Transportation Planning Studies