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Traffic and Transportation Engineering

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Traffic & Transportation Engineering Studies and Modeling

* The projects listed herein represent either the projects that our firm has recently completed or those major projects that our founding principals were personally involved in and completed throughout their careers.

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Traffic & Transportation Engineering

•  Traffic Accommodation Strategy (TAS) for Ardmore Underground Project, Alberta

   Ardmore Underground Services and Road Upgrade project along Highway 892 (Main Street) in the Village of

   Ardmore required the development of Traffic Accommodation Strategy (TAS) to manage the closure of

   Highway 892 in the vicinity of Highway 28. Two strategies were developed, one for light traffic through a

   detour with a temporary road and the second for heavy traffic through township and range roads. Work

   included but were not limited to determining the TAS’s speed limits, sign heights, locations and sign

   contents, and developed a traffic accommodation strategy/procedure to protect the workers.

•  Traffic & Transportation Advisory, Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, Fort McMurray, Alberta
    Provided consulting engineering services on behalf of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo on traffic
    engineering studies/modeling/warrant analyses, and transportation improvements evaluations and
    advisory on strategic planning and implementation of transportation infrastructure of municipal roads,
    highways, traffic control systems, parking strategies, and transit oriented facilities, Fort McMurray, Alberta. 

•   Highway 401/Brock Road Interchange Rehabilitation, Ministry of Transportation Ontario, GTA

    Highway 401/Brock Road interchange rehabilitation construction staging and detour traffic operation

    evaluations, traffic control signal timing and operation evaluations, and roadway congestion assessment for

    the major freeway overpass bridge structure rehabilitation, the Great Toronto Area, Ontario.

•  Operation Evaluations of 4 Freeway Interchanges, Ministry of Transportation Ontario, Kingston, Ontario

   Operational performance and improvements evaluations of four freeway interchanges and ramp terminals along

   Highway 401 in Kingston, Ontario, including traffic control signal capacity and roadway improvements analyses

   at the adjacent surface streets; Project evaluation Scenarios – Existing, 5 Year Horizon, 10 Year Horizon, and

   20 Year Horizon under different traffic and development conditions nearby.

•  Staging Construction Plans for Highway Rehabilitation Projects, Ministry of Transportation Ontario

   Staging Construction Plans, and Traffic Operations and Queue Analyses for the 4 Bridge Structure

   Rehabilitations on Highway 17 (Trans Canada Highway) in Pembroke, Ontario.

•  Eastern Ontario Transportation Needs Analysis (EOTNA), Ontario

   Jointly delivered as part of a consultant team, a multimodal, regional transportation needs study involving all

   modes of transportation including highway, air, marine, rail and intermodal infrastructure and facilities for the

   Eastern Ontario Region on behalf of the Eastern Ontario Community Future Development Corporation

   (EOCFDC), and the Government of Canada Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.​

•  Traffic Management Plans (TMP's) for Various Solar Farm Developments Project in Ontario

    Preparation of Traffic Management Plans (TMP's) for various solar farm development projects in Northern and

    Eastern Ontario; Work included but were not limited to field review, data collection/traffic counts, site access

    and circulation evaluations, route selection, detour review, traffic signing review, as well as roadway and

    pavement condition evaluations. 

•  Traffic & Transportation Engineering Studies, Multi-Jurisdictions and Location, California, USA

   Competed various project work on traffic engineering studies, modeling, operational evaluations, as well as

   transportation improvement evaluations and corridor studies, Multi-jurisdictions and locations, Northern CA.    

•  Traffic & Pedestrian Safety Studies, Marin County, California, USA

   Conducted traffic and pedestrian safety studies at 135 intersections, school/or roadway crossings for the

   Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM), Marin County, California; Work included but were not limited to traffic

   and pedestrian volume counts, field review and data collection, data compilation, traffic operation and safety

   evaluations, warrant analyses, and study conclusions and recommendations.  

•  Traffic Calming Studies & Project Planning, Various Locations, Canada and the USA

   Performed traffic calming studies and evaluations, and project planning and conceptual design involving various

   traffic calming devices and situations both in Canada and the US.

•   Public Transit Service Evaluations, Michigan Department of Transportation​, Michigan, USA

    Conducted the operational evaluations study project to assess the state wide transit services performance in

    Michigan for Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT).

•   Railroad-Highway Grade Crossing Safety Studies,  Kansas, USA

    Conducted extensive field review including data collection and performed detailed technical evaluations of

    highway-railroad at grade crossing safety in general throughout the State of Kansas, as part of the Jointed

    Task Forces effort between Kansas State University (KSU) and Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT).

•   Dubai Metro Redline Project, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    The Red Line is one of the two lines on the Dubai Metro network. Work included assessing the 29 stations’

    layouts, traffic circulations, orientations and parking requirements; recommending effective traffic circulation

    schemes, ensuring that adequate bus bays and taxi stands are provided; and evaluating the pedestrian pass-

    ways to  minimize pedestrian walking distances and to avoid the needs to cross vehicle ways. 

•  Al Khail Road Extension and New Lihbab Road Project, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

   The R1000 VISUM traffic model was utilized and the needed junctions and interchanges to serve future

   developments were recommended. Work also included the evaluation of 2020 proposed junctions, interchanges,    and roadway segments to determine whether improvements to capacity would be required under which detailed

   system interchanges, weaving sections, freeway ramps, roundabouts and signalized junctions/intersections

   were thoroughly evaluated. 

•  Aramco Master Plan Update, Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

   Performed assessment of existing and future conditions in relation to traffic circulation, traffic operations,

   parking requirements, and public transport system options; coordination of traffic signals systems on internal

   and external roads, as well as data collection management with Aramco internal departments. 

•   Traffic Improvements and Design, City of Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Project consisted of five major travel corridors ranging between 7 Km and 20 Km. Work included determining

    existing traffic conditions and assessing the needs for improvements, and coordinating works between the

    local and the international consultants as well as the City of Riyadh Municipality.