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EASL's Core Services in Traffic Engineering & Project Design

Traffic engineering is a critical component for the planning and design of transportation and highway infrastructure, and is the key to reducing traffic congestion and improving operation efficiency and traffic safety. EASL Transportation Consultants, Inc. offers a wide range of traffic engineering services including Traffic Impact Assessments (TIA) /Studies (TIS), Traffic Engineering Studies and Modeling, Highway /Freeway/Intersection Operation Evaluations and Level of Service (LOS) Analyses, Traffic Control Signal Design, Roadway Lighting Design, Signing and Pavement Marking Design, Parking Studies and Design, Traffic Signal Operations and Signal Timing Design, Coordination Timing Plans, Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) and Operations, Traffic Accommodation Strategies/Traffic Management Plans, Access and Circulation Evaluations, Intersection Improvements Design, Project Site Plans Review, Traffic Counts and Data Collection, as well as project management.

EASL’s traffic engineering expertise ranges from operation evaluations, project planning, and conceptual engineering to Plans, Specifications, and Construction Estimates (PS&E’s) preparation, as well as project construction support. Our expertise extends from traffic planning to street-level design, and from project inception to completion involving land development engineering, traffic signalization, intersection and roadway improvements, signal timing coordination and optimization, parking studies and facility planning/functional design, public transportation, and neighborhood traffic calming.

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