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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is generally referred as the systems in which information and communication technologies are applied in the field of highway transportation including infrastructure, vehicles and users, and in traffic management and mobility management, as well as for interfacing with other modes of transportation. Conventionally, ITS includes in broad term transportation system management, traveler information systems and intelligent vehicle systems.  For traffic and transportation engineers, the focus for the most part is transportation system management consisting of arterial, freeway, congestion and incident/and or emergency managements, as well as electronic toll traffic management and transit management. 

As part of our extended service capabilities to traffic engineering modeling, traffic control signal design and operations, EASL Transportation Consultants, Inc. also provides services on ITS project related design involving traffic signal interconnect (SIC) as well as traffic management field devices including Closed Circuit Television Camera (CCTV), Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) and Ramp Metering Signal (for freeway congestion management). In addition, our firm has the technical expertise in Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) operations and management through utilizing central control software program that is capable of providing a range of remote applications including traffic management, signal timing synchronization, CCTV and DMS monitoring and controls from a centralized location. 

ITS, ATMS & Operations